Soup Ottawa #8 – Prototype

Ninety-four people packed LowerTown Brewery and raised $940 for the eighth Soup Ottawa on Thursday, February 26. Soup Ottawa is a recurring participatory micro-grant dinner event. In layman’s terms, you pay $10 for a bowl of soup and to cast a vote for your favourite local group or initiative. (more…)

FuckUp Nights Ottawa Vol III

FuckUp Nights is an event where three or four people talk about one of their biggest professional or business failures in a candid way. The “fuckupreneurs” get up and share their stories, including what the project was, what they did wrong, what they learned from it, and what they’d do differently. The Ottawa meetup is fairly new, and is hosted by Jason Connell. (more…)

51 lbs and counting

I have lost another 11 pounds since my last blog post, which means I am 9 lbs away from my initial goal weight! I try not to focus on what the scale too much these days, because I am happy if I see more muscle definition or lose a pant size.

I still focus on lifting weights, and I have worked my entire body out a few times a week since my weight loss journey began. I have decided to split my routine into upper and lower body days so I can increase the intensity of my workouts and train more muscle groups. Other than that, I am still counting calories using MyFitnessPal (although it has been very challenging this summer!), meal prepping, and generally watching what I eat.

I have a little bit of abdominal definition happening, and I’m on a mission to see abs by Christmas. Wish me luck!

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 8.41.19 PM

Left: June 2013, 224 lbs. Right: August 2014, 173 lbs.

This Beauty is a Beast – Essie Turquoise and Caicos Review

This is the first Essie polish I ever purchased! The colour is a beautiful sea foam green/turquoise which Essie describes as “a flirty and pretty tropical aqua.” But don’t be fooled by its beauty – this polish applies like a beast. It’s patchy, and takes around three coats to get full opacity (and still might be patchy). 

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Review

I was selected by Influenster to be part of the review process for L’Oreal’s new Damage Eraser hair care line.

Mystery Voxbox

Influenster sent participants three small bottles of product labelled as L’Oreal shampoo, conditioner, and split end serum, and we were supposed to try and guess the L’Oreal brand before we received the full-size products a week later. 

Mystery Brand Unveiled

About a week after I received the mystery Voxbox, I received a package of full-sized products. This is how Influenster describes the line on the product page: “With Phyto-Keratin® Complex and Cupauçu Butter, the unique formula reconstructs hair strength 90% from root-to-tip and prevents future damage. Hair is strong, shiny and revitalized – totally repaired. Style your hair without fear of damage!”

My Results

Damage Eraser Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner

My hair is already in pretty good shape, but I have been getting highlights for about a year, which can lead to some damage. After using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair is very soft, shiny, and doesn’t feel weighed down. I enjoy using them, and would repurchase if I saw them on sale at the drugstore. Garnier says these products are formulated for distressed, damaged hair, and they reconstruct and preserve hair’s strength by 90% from root to tip. The formula contains Phyto-Keratin® Complex with plant based protiens and fruit concentrate & Cupuaçu Butter, with natural lipids. 

Damage Eraser Split-End Bandage

I am a firm believer that you need to regularly get your hair trimmed to take care of split ends. Products may temporarily improve their appearance, but they won’t solve the problem. Garnier doesn’t say this fixes split ends, but says this product is formulated with Phyto-Keratin® complex and cupuaçu butter, and is supposed to prevent split ends and reconstruct and preserve hair’s strength.I don’t think this product makes a difference to my hair. I get my hair trimmed every few months to take care of my split ends, so I guess the only way for me to accurately test it would be to forgo a haircut (which isn’t going to happen). I will keep using this product until it runs out, but I probably will not repurchase. 

Damage Eraser Strength Reconstructing Butter

I like how soft my hair feels after using this treatment, and it also doesn’t weight my hair down. According to Garnier, this hair butter is formulated for distressed, damaged hair, and is designed to intensely reconstruct hair’s strength for strong, rejuvenated and shiny-looking hair. The formula contains Phyto-Keratin® Complex with plant based protiens and fruit concentrate & Cupuaçu Butter, with natural lipids. You are supposed to use it once a week after shampooing.