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Two Weeks With BB10 – A Nice Phone, But It’s Not Satisfying My APPetite

As you may know from a previous post, I was selected to be part of Virgin Mobile Canada’s Blackberry Z10 tester team (if you want to read about that, click here). I’ve been tweeting tips and tricks with the #vmtester hashtag, and have spent enough time with the phone to share some thoughts.

I was very excited for this phone, but a little skeptical because I hated the Blackberry Curve I had before my iPhone. I’m happy to say the Z10 has changed my feelings toward Blackberry. (more…)

Blackberry Z10

I’m Part of the Virgin Mobile BB10 Tester Team!

I’m happy to announce that I have been selected to be part of Virign Mobile Canada’s tester team for the Blackberry Z10!

Blackberry Z10

What does this mean? It means I get to take the new Blackberry for a spin and give Twitter tips and tricks over four weeks – and I get to keep it! Follow the hashtag #vmtester to see all the tweets from the tester team (there are five of us) and stay tuned for my blog posts. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter as well! I’m @stephrochefort.

I received the Z10 this morning in the mail, and was quickly able to switch from my iPhone plan to get connected. After adjusting to the new swiping motions, I wanted to download some apps I regularly use, but realized this is where I was going to miss my iPhone:

1. No Instagram (it’s supposed to be coming, but when?).

2. No Google Chrome (or I can’t find it!)

3. No OC Transpo bus app (although I think this can be solved with other bus apps or by using the mobile site).

However, I was happy to find Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn already installed on my device. Emails were very easy to set up, and I’m looking forward to playing with it tonight. The device is very light, which is a pleasant surprise.

I have a Macbook, and I enjoy how I can seamlessly sync it and my iPhone. The next test will be to see how easily I can transfer music, photos, etc to my Blackberry. In addition to tweeting tricks and tips with the #vmtester hashtag, I will also be seeing if this device can do everything I need and want it to do in order to live with it.

Do you have a Blackberry Z10? Are you thinking about getting one?