Sunday Link Love – Feb. 10

Here are some interesting things I’ve been reading about this week:

The Pirate Bay documentary – Away From Keyboard is worth a watch – Wired

Twittr nao speakz LOLcat – Mashable

Twitter LOLcat

Airbnb puts an engaging spin on the annual report – Airbnb

Beyonce’s publicist may not like her unflattering photos, but the Internet does – Buzzfeed

No more fleshy bits, buttcracks, and nipples at the Grammys – The Urban Daily

Remember Ed the Sock? Here’s an infographic if you need a refresher – Awnyer

Instagram is no longer exclusively mobile – it’s on the web – Mashable

Sunday Link Love – Jan. 27

Here are some interesting things I’ve been reading about recently:

Have you tried Twitter’s Vine? What do you think? – TechCrunch

The Canadian Embassy held a tailgate party to celebrate Obama’s second inauguration – Huffington Post

Why adding “The views expressed here are my own” is lame – Confessions of a Serial Marketer

Kathleen Wynne is Ontario’s first female and Canada’s first openly gay premier – Globe and Mail

Lady Gaga is changing lives with her touring youth services bus – Rolling Stone

Make guiltless banana ice cream (it’s really good!) – Skinnytaste

Ottawa really likes beer festivals – introducing Winterbrewed –

My 5 favourite fake Twitter accounts [screenshots]

I like @FakeAPStylebook and @Lord_Voldemort7. They both make me laugh!

David Hall Social Media

I often try to take a business or educational approach to my posts on as a way to bring value to readers. But this week, I thought I’d have a bit of fun. When my Talknowledgy (podcast) co-host @PhilGaudreau linked me to a parody Twitter account poking fun at Statistics Canada (Canada’s national statistical agency), I just couldn’t resist trying to find other great fake twitter accounts.

In my books, a good fake Twitter account makes it clear that they are a joke. Sometimes this is done in the username, sometimes in the bio, sometimes in the icon, and all the time in the content of the tweets. It also can’t be too crude or offensive. Granted, some of the accounts below have tweets that made me cringe; for the most part, though, they are pretty harmless. Good fake Twitter accounts should also be consistent in both frequency of…

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