Soup Ottawa #8 – Prototype

Ninety-four people packed LowerTown Brewery and raised $940 for the eighth Soup Ottawa on Thursday, February 26. Soup Ottawa is a recurring participatory micro-grant dinner event. In layman’s terms, you pay $10 for a bowl of soup and to cast a vote for your favourite local group or initiative. At first, I wasn’t sure about LowerTown Brewery as the venue, but it ended up being great. The room was set up like a mess hall with rows of long tables and chairs. The communal tables allowed you to chat with those next to you, and the soup and bread were delicious.


Soup and bread from LowerTown Brewery.


This edition’s theme was Prototype, and had the following presenters:

  • From Field to Feast
  • Housing Hackathon
  • Alternative Community Housing
  • New Works by the Windows Collective
  • Cleankits
  • Blank Spaces

The one group that interested me from the very beginning was From Field to Feast. From Field to Feast were trying to raise money to control algae blooms, and thereby increase production, for the aquaponic program at Sir Guy Carleton High School. The program teaches students how to grow organic, sustainable produce using the waste of the tilapia fish they raise, and the produce is used by the culinary students at the school and sold to the local community.

Examples of aquaponic plants students grow at Sir Guy Carleton.

Examples of aquaponic plants students grow at Sir Guy Carleton.










This initiative spoke to me because it was clear what the money was going to be used for: it would benefit students in our community by giving them an opportunity to learn skills not taught in most schools. Click here to visit their website, or follow them on Twitter at @sgcaquaponics.

I like how community-oriented Soup Ottawa is. It is hosted at a local venue, the soup is prepared by a local chef, it brings the community together to raise money for a local group or initiative, and it is run by volunteers. This wasn’t my first Soup Ottawa, and it won’t be my last. Stay tuned to their Facebook and Twitter pages to hear about the next event.


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