FuckUp Nights Ottawa Vol III

FuckUp Nights is an event where three or four people talk about one of their biggest professional or business failures in a candid way. The “fuckupreneurs” get up and share their stories, including what the project was, what they did wrong, what they learned from it, and what they’d do differently. The Ottawa meetup is fairly new, and is hosted by Jason Connell.

Jason Connell kicking the evening off.

Jason Connell kicking the evening off.

I attended the last event in January, and the crowd was mostly entrepreneurs and people who work for start-ups. Although I am not part of that world (I work for the federal government), everyone experiences failure, so I appreciated hearing the speakers share their failures and what lessons they learned in a candid way. This time I saw some more PR/comms folks, so I think the word is spreading.




Thursday night’s speakers were:

Jen does marketing at MartianCraft and also makes jewelry and accessories. She told us about how her idea to drop-ship Halloween costumes didn’t end up being a good one, and emphasized the need to listen to your gut. One thing she said during her presentation that stuck with me was that our fuckups are framed by those around us.

  • Franco Varriano – A Man of Many Jobs

Franco currently leads business development and partnerships, and is involved in various Ottawa events. He started his presentation by telling us that if something isn’t cool, don’t do it, and said that the #1 enemy of start-ups is hesitation.

I personally enjoyed Dan’s presentation the most, and it was nice to be able to meet him in real life (we had already connected online). Dan has a few brands under his Vtile.com umbrella. He went into detail about an automatic flower delivery service he created that didn’t work out so well, and taught us about the Fuck Giving Differential.

Dan Fallak

Dan Fallak









If you’re interested in attending the next event, you can follow FuckUp Nights on Twitter and like their Facebook page. See you there!

Impossible Skins FUN Ottawa 3

Darcy Boucher and I at FuckUp Nights Ottawa. Polarioid photo via Lenny Wu (@wildworks).


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