51 lbs and counting

I have lost another 11 pounds since my last blog post, which means I am 9 lbs away from my initial goal weight! I try not to focus on what the scale too much these days, because I am happy if I see more muscle definition or lose a pant size.

I still focus on lifting weights, and I have worked my entire body out a few times a week since my weight loss journey began. I have decided to split my routine into upper and lower body days so I can increase the intensity of my workouts and train more muscle groups. Other than that, I am still counting calories using MyFitnessPal (although it has been very challenging this summer!), meal prepping, and generally watching what I eat.

I have a little bit of abdominal definition happening, and I’m on a mission to see abs by Christmas. Wish me luck!

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 8.41.19 PM

Left: June 2013, 224 lbs. Right: August 2014, 173 lbs.

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