Play Food & Wine

Out & About in Ottawa: Play Food & Wine

I am not a foodie by any means, but I enjoy checking out different restaurants in Ottawa. A couple of weeks ago, I visited Play Food & Wine in the Byward Market with a group of friends for my birthday. By the featured photo, I think you can see we had quite the feast.

I was too busy enjoying myself to snap any pictures, but my cousin snapped a shot of our table before we dove in. I ordered the pork belly with frites and aioli, which you can see in the middle left. The pork belly was tender, juicy, flavourful, and I really enjoyed the dish.

For dessert, two of my friends and I ordered the baked alaska, which had peppermint meringue and After 8 gelato. None of us were sure what a baked alaska was, but we were already interested in the mint chocolate combination. I never usually order dessert, but I’m glad I ordered this one. Although it was very sweet, the gooey peppermint meringue and cold After 8 gelato were delicious (side note: I love mint chocolate so much that I even have mint chocolate candles).

The service was also excellent, with out waiters being very knowledgable and attentive. I will definitely be back for another visit.

The featured image is from wwickc’s Instagram


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