Month: June 2013

Getting Lean in 2013

I’ve never been a small person, but I have started to notice I have been gaining weight in my 20s. Last year, I was very unhappy with myself and did something about it – I lost 20 lbs on my own, but gained most of it back over the winter. This year, I’ve decided to bring out the big guns and get help. I’ve started working with a personal trainer, and have even convinced my boyfriend to join the gym!

These posts will chronicle my progress and experiences during my journey to get lean in 2013. I may even throw in some recipes that are helping me for inspiration. I’m learning lots of new things and have some great stories to share (like almost passing out at the gym) while pursuing my new lifestyle that I think other people battling the bulge might appreciate.

I’m two weeks in, and today I noticed my jeans fit a lot nicer. I’m making progress! I’ve been very sore, but no pain no gain, right? My trainer told me not to weigh myself until the four week mark (we’re focusing on inches instead), so I will know how much progress I’ve made in a couple weeks.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the past few weeks:

  • There are muscles under your armpits, and they can really hurt. Everything can really hurt.
  • PGX fibre supplements are very helpful in balancing blood sugar and curbing snacking.
  • When I still want to snack, baby carrots aren’t very satisfying.

Not my favourite healthy snack.