L’Oreal Nails the Beauty Press Kit

Now I haven’t seen many beauty press kits other than a couple pictures from beauty bloggers or YouTubers, but I think L’Oreal has nailed this one!

One of my favourite YouTubers, MissChevious (she’s mizzchievouz on Instagram) shared this press kit she received from L’Oreal Paris on Instagram. Let’s take a look:

L'Oreal Press Kit

The initial package from L’Oreal. Photo by MissChevious.

MissChevious Press Kit

An iPad to view the company’s new website and a magazine. Photo by MissChevious.

MissChevious L'Oreal Press Kit

Nice packaging – little compartments for the different products. Photo by MissChevious.

MissChevious L'Oreal Press Kit

The goods! Nicely presented after being shipped to Sweden. Photo by MissChevious.

Obviously a lot of work and planning went into this press kit, and it paid off. It’s beautiful and looks exciting to receive and open. It also makes the recipient engage with the package by encouraging them to first view their new website on the iPad, peek at the magazine, and then open the doors to see the products. If you see a flurry of L’Oreal reviews from bloggers and YouTubers in the near future, this is probably why.

*Please note these photos are not my own, but screenshots from MissChevious’ Instagram. I have given credit and linked back to the original photos.


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