Stefani Heel-less Heels from Shoedazzle

The Heel-less Heel

The semester has picked up and we’ve been busy the past few weeks, so I unfortunately haven’t had the time to blog. However, I wanted to take a moment to share the cool shoes I just ordered!

The heel-less wedge has been a fashion trend for a little while, but until recently it hasn’t been easily accessible to the mass market (unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair). Aldo shoes has started carrying this style (for around $120), but these ones from Shoedazzle were only $64 with shipping – a great way to indulge in a trend within my budget.

I’d also like to point out that these beauties and I share the same name, and I think they were probably named after Lady Gaga, who is infamous for this style (her real name is Stefani). You can click the photo to view the shoes on the website.

Stefani Heel-less Heels from Shoedazzle

Stefani, the heel-less heel from Shoedazzle. Photo from the company’s Facebook page.

What do you think? Are you loving them or leaving them?



  1. How do you find the quality of your shoes?
    I recently bought a pair of boots and a purse from Shoedazzle and I’m not impressed at all. I don’t feel too badly because they were both on sale, so I didn’t waste tons of money, but they’re so cheaply made. I won’t be buying from them again!

    1. Hi Chels, the Stefani’s don’t feel like high quality shoes, but they are pretty comfortable and look nice – I’m happy with them. Overall, I don’t think Shoedazzle shoes are high quality (I own a few pairs), but I haven’t received a pair with defects or anything. To me, they look and feel like what I expect from a $30-$40 shoe. If you’re in the US they do free shipping & you can return them if you’re not happy. If you’re in Canada (like me) it sucks because you have to pay to ship them back.

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