Read about my friend Cody’s weight loss journey! I’m on my own little journey, down about 16 lbs this summer and would like to be down 35 by Christmas. It’s tough!


Hello world!

My name is Cody Walsh, I’m 24 years of age, and I am the Clueless Dieter. As of today, I weigh just over 280lbs and want to make a difference for myself and for my future. It’s no secret to those that know me that I’m very confident with my body image. It’s taken years of practice to attain this level of confidence in myself! My weight has helped define who I am. However, regardless of what anyone tells you, there is a fine line between reality and delusion.

My Delusion: I can go through life as I am, with confidence, and lead a long, successful life!

My Reality: I’m probobly not going to live very long!

And, so, I’m pitted with a choice: To live an active, full life or lead a short one rich with false justifications?

I think the correct choice is obvious!

Now, I…

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